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Friday, February 10, 2012

So you want to be a vegan?

So you want to be a vegan? I'll respect your decision and try to understand your reasoning, but I think it's a life style that you'll find is quite difficult!

You wake up with crusty eyes and in need of a nice, warm shower and a good scrub a dub dub. Watch were you reach! That soap that helps you get squeaky clean came from a cow, so it's of no use to you  my vegan friend!

Photo: Keeping it Real: Through the Lens of a Farm Girl
You can shake that off. The shower was hot enough to kill off most anything, so you're not too concerned. But your skin is as dry as a desert lizard. Lotion would do the trick, but once again, you are out of luck. A pretty face should help turn this annoying day around, right? Well it might, if you weren't a vegan and your cosmetics didn't come straight from a bovine. You may want to offer an apology to whomever gets to close and takes a whiff of your breath. Toothpaste is off limits too. Oh and I hope it's not to hot today. You won't be wearing any deodorant!

 Okay, at this point, you just want to get out of the house. Your rubber soled shoes, which happen to be the comfiest pair you own, are off limits in this new life style. Ix-nay on those fancy leather ones you spent a whole pay check on, too. Brace yourself. Getting to work is going to be a process. The rubber tires on your car are by products of cattle along with the asphalt road you travel on every day.

The day has been long and frustrating, resulting in many absences of the convenient products you ave grown accustom too. It's been rough, to make it simple and you are worn out! It's too bad you can't just grab a snack of beef jerky. It would provide you with zinc, iron and protein, all wonderful nutrients that your body is able to absorb quickly and give you the last little boost you're going to need to finish out the day.

Tread carefully. You are going to want to stay in excellent health because quite a few medications come straight from our dear friend, the cow. Don't forget about the surgical sutures! Those too, come from cattle, making the healing process from any sort of surgical procedure significantly shorter. 

It's been a long day? It's always helpful to look at a problem from the other side. Those of us who use our cattle by products, truly appreciate the great resource provided to us. Realizing all the wonderful things cattle provide to us makes our lives easier and ensures we aren't wasting anything of importance. 

Note: I volunteered to help with the youth speaking contest at the National Cattlemen's Beef Association convention last week and was then asked to fill in as a judge for the 14 and under age group. It was a blast and holy smokes, the quality of speakers and content of the speeches blew me away! I am happy and thrilled to say that the cattle community is going to continue to be in great hands in the future! One young ladies speech stuck with me and has inspired me to write a blog post on cattle by products through the eyes of a vegan.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A break from our regular (or not so regular) scheduled programming...

Crystal Cattle has teamed up with Noble House Designs and is giving away a choice of three necklaces.
This beauty is the Magenta Necklace.

How about the Red and Pink Vintage?

and last but not least, 
The ever wonderful turquoise option, the TC Necklace.

If I do happen to win this awesome contest, which one would I pick? It's a hard choice, but I think I need to move away from my comfort zone (which is definitely turquoise) and would go for the stunning Magenta Necklace!

I follow Crystal Cattle on a regular basis to keep up with her advocating work for agriculture. She also happens to have a great sense of style, so it's a plus!

On another note, in the near future I think a good brush up on cattle by products is in order!

Also, want to send out a huge congratulations to my co-worker, Anna, and her husband, Bas, on their beautiful baby boy!