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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A break from our regular (or not so regular) scheduled programming...

Crystal Cattle has teamed up with Noble House Designs and is giving away a choice of three necklaces.
This beauty is the Magenta Necklace.

How about the Red and Pink Vintage?

and last but not least, 
The ever wonderful turquoise option, the TC Necklace.

If I do happen to win this awesome contest, which one would I pick? It's a hard choice, but I think I need to move away from my comfort zone (which is definitely turquoise) and would go for the stunning Magenta Necklace!

I follow Crystal Cattle on a regular basis to keep up with her advocating work for agriculture. She also happens to have a great sense of style, so it's a plus!

On another note, in the near future I think a good brush up on cattle by products is in order!

Also, want to send out a huge congratulations to my co-worker, Anna, and her husband, Bas, on their beautiful baby boy! 


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