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Friday, June 22, 2012

Bargain Shopper in Training

I love a good bargain, and I love to brag about it! If someone compliments an outfit or accessory and I paid a good price you better believe I share the gonga deal. One gets different reactions, but I get so excited it's hard to control myself. I was so excited yesterday when I realized my whole outfit was a deal, and I got a twinkling of an idea. Why not have a blog about fashionable deal finds? Here's my first attempt! 

Love the story on the shirt. I was looking through my wardrobe one rushed morning, and realized I didn't have much in the way of nice, fashionable shirts to wear to work. I vowed to set out that evening and purchase a nice shirt for a good price. I started at my all time favorite store, Target (where the pants are from, I think I paid $25 which makes them the most expensive item in the outfit), but didn't have any luck. Right next door is Rue 21, somewhere I hadn't shopped since I was about 16. But I thought, what the heck I'll give it a whirl. Cute stuff, at reasonable prices overall, but this pink shirt was a steal. Tried it on, liked it and noticed it had a clearance tag marked $18.99. Not bad, and it's on sale so I made the decision to purchase. Took it to the register and was astonished when it rang up for $5.00! Yup, you read that right, five bucks!
Whole outfit comes out in the range of $55. 

Next up are the shoes! I'm a huge turquoise freak and found these gems at a second hand store called Buffalo Exchange. I love this shop because they only take designer and fresh style pieces so there is always something new and current. It does take some sorting, so you have to go in with some time and an open mind. I think the bank-breaking total on these heels was $18 bucks.

Already mentioned the turquoise obsession, but seeing as I am a recent college graduate with quite a few bills left from the experience to pay off (most expensive piece of paper I've ever received) I don't have the extra cash on hand for the real stuff. So I make do! Found this long, oval turquoise necklace at Wal-Mart. On clearance. For $9. Love it! 

Total, this outfit comes to about $57! 

Fashion Deal Tip #1:
Since starting in the grown up world, I've learned to build outfits, piece by piece. You don't have to purchase all in one swift draining of the check book. And that is exactly what I did here. I've had the pants for about a year, the heels for about 6 months, the necklace for a couple weeks, and the shirt for about three days. 
Every pay check set aside twenty bucks and buy one article of clothing or accessory that can build on something in your closet. You'll be surprised by the number of outfits and combinations you have after a couple of months.  


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