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Monday, August 6, 2012

Misc. Monday's

Some of my fave bloggers (Anna at Life Be Delicious and Carissa at lowercase letters, the creator) always do Miscellany Monday's. Well, I have a ton of pictures I want to share so I'm jumping in! 

1. Haven't ridden in way too long and there were three colts in need of some rides out at Nelson Farms (basically where I grew up). So after a busy day of branding on Saturday (Warning: Photos not in order) the boy and I went out to the barn. Jordan hopped on Rehab, an old show horse. She is perfect and puts up with his roper like tendencies ;)

2. All of these colts are great to work with, but this filly is probably my fave. She is a smart cookie!

3. This colt is my challenge. He is super sensitive, so I really have to think about every movement and make sure I'm patient and slow with him. Riding horses, both physical and mental!

4. And last but not least, Dewd. This guy has two older brothers, they might as well be triplets, that have already made an impression in the show ring and he will follow right in their footsteps. Please don't mind my silly face. I tend to make them when riding.

5. Saturday was a blast. Helped gather and brand with family friends of Jordan's down in southern Arizona.  I ran the tagging gun. Want to know how I know I've been behind a computer for too long? My tagging hand was sore the day after. Tagging doesn't take much muscle, so this is just plain sad! It was a great day thanks to the Krentz/ Kimble family!

6. Here is where is starts to get Misc. The other pictures just happened to be at the top of the list in my phone! This is a picture from a week back when I was driving to Globe, AZ to meet the boy to finish the drive to Pinetop, AZ. I was in Superior, AZ and was just taken back by the beautiful backdrop of this town. This picture is straight off the phone, no editing needed.

7. Funny story here. We we behind the herd and heading into a funnel up to a gate. Two young bulls were playing "King of the Hill" with no regard to what everyone else around them was up too. The "element of surprise" by another four wheeler broke up the rough housing. I guess males across all species have tunnel vision tendencies. 

8. Save the most random for last. This is my mom in the early '70s showing an Arabian stallion that she rode and worked while she was in high school. I worked in trade for lessons, just like she did. It teaches you some serious skills, like you don't quit until the job is done. And if you cut corners to finish early, you're not only cutting other people short, but also yourself. 

9. I <3 Pictures!


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Random but fun!

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Very random =) I went totally misc!

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