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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

But I Want It Now

Who am I?

The surface level says wife, beef promoter, crazy (I'll admit it) horse lady, crazy dog lady, motivated, and it's pretty obvious I can't hold still.

Below the surface tells a deeper story. I'm a naturally anxious person who worries too much. I tend to hold back just in case something could go wrong, but I want to be the carefree person so bad.

Life isn't easy for anyone, and we all handle it just a bit differently. Growing up I learned that taking a step back and watching others actions and the reactions they received offered many great pieces of advice.

One such observation was those who needed or wanted something right now, ranging from something as important to paying the electricity bill to the opposite end of the spectrum to someone who wanted that horse right now. These folks would ask others to front them the money or set up a payment plan. They swore on their good name they would pay off the loan as soon as they possibly could. Needless to say things never ended well for any of the parties involved.

What was the lesson? Don't live outside of your means. Even when you are most tempted and everything seems like it will work out fine.


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