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Friday, June 27, 2014


I've actually started enjoying running. What did I just say? Yea... running, I sort of like it now. Crazy right? How did this happen?
This is simply a decoy. In reality, he's closely related to the
Tasmanian Devil. 
Getting a big, wild puppy who is totally obnoxious unless he goes out for a run helped my motivation factor a LOT.

I like the way my body is changing. I've always been a slim girl, but my muscles are tightening and toning in ways that I honestly didn't think was possible. I've always had big thighs and a round booty. Even as a young kid. Infact, I have a childhood scar from a family friend who used to call me "Tiff-fany." But those thunder thighs are becoming muscular thighs. And that big 'ol booty? It's still big, just a little more bubbly.
I enjoy it so much I've WILLINGLY done three,
you read it, three, half marathons in the
past year and a half.

It clears my head. I might be fretting over an issue I had with a friend, or stressed about an upcoming work event but after I complete a run all is well in my head again. I can think clearly about the issue and can actually reach a reasonable conclusion instead of a melodramatic "The world is coming to an end" solution.

So I might actually crave a run now. Yea. Like my body politely taps me on the shoulder and says, "How about hitting the pavement today?"

And as a woman, I don't have to worry about issues like this
one. Sports bras, who knew what wonderful multitaskers
they are!


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